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Skype - L2ResolutionCS

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Share Your Experience, Feedback & Suggestions via our contact channels. This is the ONLY e-mail for communication between the staff and the players. If you are being "attended" through another e-mail by someone who claims to be our team, be aware that THEY ARE NOT! Is someone trying to benefit illegally. 

Rates: Exp: 1000x / Sp: 1000x / Adena: 1000x

Main Town: Kamael Village - Max Level 85

3 Level Weapons:                               
- Lindvior Weapons - Tier 1              
- Valakas Weapons - Tier 2             
- Kelbim Weapons - Tier 3                


3 Level Armors:

- Exile Armor - Tier 1

- Valkyria Armor - Tier 2

- Ertheia Armor - Tier 3

Enchant's information

Safe: +7
Max Weapon Enchant: +40
Max Armor Enchant: +40
Max Jewels Enchant: +40
Blessed enchant scroll rate = 90% +35
Crystal scrolls rate = 100% +40
Donate Enchant +45


No Registration Needed!

How To Install?

Extract inside the Lineage II Interlude client's installation folder our latest patch, it will ask you to replace files, so you click yes replace all of them. After that, go to "system" folder and find L2.exe and launch it. Once it launches, just enter you credentials and ENJOY!


We have closed L2Resolution Game Server until further notice, for maintenance purposes. In order to fix all the bugs & errors, we must wipe all the accounts and redo the game server from the beginning. All the information will be given on our website. Thank You for Your patience! We WILL be back!  

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